Our story


"A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

13% was born following the closure of my wine and cheese tasting room due to the pandemic. In order to react, I decided to make rounds in Paris to deliver wine to a limited clientele, based on word of mouth. With one of my clients, we quickly became friends and shared our frustration at not being able to taste a wine before buying a bottle. We decided to think about this idea and, after 9 months of hard work, we are now ready to offer you our concept which goes beyond tasting: we want to bring a complete experience to the consumer.

Beyond the fact that you will be able to taste different wines from independent French producers, we wanted to help you discover the various complexities of wine and learn more about the French wine regions, the different grape varieties, but also about yourself and your tasting palate.

13% takes the snobbery out of wine, that area that many find inaccessible, and allows you to enjoy it from home while following our tasting videos.

Erwan, founder of 13%.